Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Android Jelly Bean application

Google has recently introduced Android Jelly Bean in Smart phone Market it is successor of its previous version i.e. Ice Cream Sandwich with some of the exciting and enhanced features. The main reason behind the popularity is 'Android Open Source Project' has able to collect support from many known and pioneer name of Smart Phone Industry like  Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Intel. Not only this Google Continuously working hard on the improvement of the Android , and due to this they area able to improve the quality in large extent and overcome with the problems very easily. And due to the high rate of popularity Google has launched its new application very soon.

Jelly Bean is an extraordinary platform for that offers let of opportunity to the Andriod developers so that they can develop the application which is meant for various purpose. To develop an application for Android Jelly Bean this time Google has introduced a revamped and much more robust Native Development Kit by this tool the Android

  1. Developer will able to create and test the developed apps in a variety of languages and with this application they will able to create the good and market sustainable applications.
  2. Google offers SDK Tools 20.0.1 update, which includes the complete set of development and debugging tools for the SDK. Like the new SDK, this update brings a whole host of bug fixes.
  3. There are certain aspect on which the Android developer can focus while developing the application for Android as Developers can use expandabe notification feature to place important or time-based information in front of users in the notification bar, outside of the app’s normal UI.

Now coming to the some of the features which is offered by the Jelly beans
  1. Project Butter : It is designed to make graphics look smooth, it makes User Interface on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean devices very smooth. By this animations are smoother and quicker
  2. Better Keyboard Predictions: This time Android presents user with smarter keyboard, User can use custom keyboard input styles for more than 20 languages.
  3. Useful Notifications:It is one of the unique and popular feature on Android , Android 4.1 brings a major update to the Android notifications framework. Application can now display larger, richer notifications to users.
  4. Google Now : This is new feature which is presented by Google, this feature uses Users Google search history, location and calendar to automatically give relevant information.
  5. Android Beam : This feature will allow Jelly Bean users to transfer data including videos via NFC. Also users will be able to pair any NFC-enabled Bluetooth device by just tapping it.

Not only this there are various other feature like improved Voice search, camera application , multi channel etc are key feature of Jelly Bean. Mobile iPhone development India have have well experienced and knowledgeable Android developers team, they are capable of developing high class and business oriented application, with their expertise in the various categories of Android Jelly Bean applicationdevelopment.

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